Improvising Generations Activity Pack

Creative activity do to in your own home

The Improvising Generations Activity Pack has been put together by dance artists Laura Chiabolotti and Hannah Delaney.  The pack is made up of 18 postcards that can be used to create your own Improvising Generations class.  It is suitable for all ages and it includes:

Creative Tasks: ideas for crafting something new
Movement Tasks: ideas for physical activity in response to themes
Relaxation Tasks: tools you can use to put yourself at ease

Cards can either be picked at random to select a task to work on or you can sort the pack and select one of each type of task to put together your own Improvising Generations class.  A resource pack to keep you active and creative at home.

Please email our Project Management Assistant for details if you are interested in receiving a pack:


Film example of Improvising Generations work: