A-MUSE: Dancing with light, Stevenage Museum

Let’s get light painting!

  • Saturday 15 May, 10am-12pm – Meet the artists and hear more about what’s involved in the project!
  • Monday 24 May, Adults 1-3pm / Families or young people 11+, 4-6pm – Dance and photography workshop, insight in to using the app and playing with light painting at home.
  • Thursday 3 June or Friday 4 June, 10am-12pm or 1-3pm – Workshop in person at Stevenage Museum recreating light painting movement on site; Sam taking professional pictures for exhibition.


  • May: Workshops on Zoom
  • June: Photography at Stevenage Museum

Suitable for all ages including family groups and individuals – adults, children and young people all welcome.

Take part in a series of dance and photography workshops that will capture a fun, family play between movement and light, using slow shutter speeds and light painting techniques. Images from the project will be used in Stevenage Museum.

The project is part of a wider, cross-district project in Hertfordshire Museums, A-MUSE, engaging people with their local museum through creative dance and storytelling workshops. The project is managed by BEEE Creative CIO, delivered in partnership with professional artists Hannah Delaney (dance), Sam Ivin (photography) and Stevenage Museum and supported by Arts Council England.

How to book: Admission is FREE but advance booking is essential via the following link: https://forms.gle/XoGUsRuExuf2k2eWA

For more information or assistance booking, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at hannah@beee-creative.co.uk