May to December 2020
Across the Hertfordshire districts of Dacorum, Three Rivers and Watford

#TAG is an intergenerational dance programme at venues across Dacorum, Watford and Three Rivers from May - December 2020 that will celebrate the Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020.  We want to celebrate your towns and stories by bringing them to life through dance.

It is all about PLAY!
There will be lots of opportunities for individuals or groups of all age groups to take part and no experience is needed.

#TAG Dance Film
makeAMPLIFY will lead residents in a dance in the their own home and then turn that into a film to share.
Artists: Jennifer Irons and Zach Walker

#TAG Seek and Hide
An opportunity to work with three professional artists – 2 animators and 1 dance.  Together with the artists you can get involved with creating a multi-media installation that combines animation, contemporary dance and music.
Artists: Kim Noce, Dominica Harrison and Anna Spink.

#TAG District Whispers
Three schools, under the artistic direction of Casson and Friends (http://www.cassonandfriends.com/), will together create a performance by sharing information in different digital formats, interpreting it and passing it on again – a digital version of the childhood game Chinese Whispers.
Artists: Tim Casson, Tom Butterworth.

#TAG Oral History Collection
We want to know your stories about ‘play’ so we are working with the Oral History Team at the University of Hertfordshire to collect them.  We would like a collection of 20 stories to mark Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020.

#TAG Photographic Exhibition
Photographer Simon Richardson will capture images of the whole project which will be presented at exhibitions at Watersmeet Theatre, Watford Museum and in Hemel Hempstead.

#TAG Showcase for Hertfordshire Year of Culture
All parts of the project will come together with one final celebratory, showcase event.

To get involved email: hannah@beee-creative.co.uk