Museums in Motion

Museums in Motion (MiM) is a partnership project with Hertfordshire Museums and makeAMPLIFY that includes dance, technology and heritage.  It involves workshops, residencies and the production of installation work.

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Latest News from Museums in Motion

Museums in Motion 2.0 has continued this summer with a residency for young people in Hitchin at the North Hertfordshire Museum in collaboration with Young Carers Crew. The young peoples’ work will be launched on Tuesday 18 September and will be available for the public to see at the museum for 6 weeks after that.  Meanwhile our first group of Young Leaders have completed their programme of activity and we look forward to them working alongside us developing their own work over the next year.

We have a busy autumn ahead with residencies at the new St Albans Museum + Gallery and a return visit to Royston Museum.  Also, look out for details for recruitment of our second group of Young Leaders.

Museums in Motion asks…

‘What is inside your mobile phone?’

Each Museums in Motion installation unpacks mobile technology to explore what objects and technology use to fulfill the job of apps and functions of a mobile today and how that impacts the way people live, behave and move.  Remembering life before music and film streaming, blogs, on-line gaming, search engines, email, instant messaging and on-line photo sharing.

Future Museums in Motion residencies, workshops and installations will be taking place throughout 2018/19 at: Royston Museum, Watford Museum, 
Stevenage Museum, North Hertfordshire Museum, St Albans Museum and British Schools Museum.

Museums in Motion is a partnership project with six Hertfordshire Museums, managed by BEEE Creative CIC, with artistic direction from makeAMPLIFY, with funding raised by The National Lottery and awarded to the project by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Calendar of Events


17 – 19 September 2018

Three-day residency at St Albans Museum + Gallery


 18 September 2018

North Hertfordshire Museum Installation Launch

 18 September – 3 November 2018

Film installation at North Hertfordshire Museum


22 – 24 October 2018

Three-day residency at Royston Museum

 23 October 2018

St Albans Museum + Gallery Installation Launch

 23 October – 4 December 2018

Film installation at St Albans Museum + Gallery

 16 November 2018

Royston Museum Installation Launch

 16 November – 29 December 2018

Film installation at Royston Museum