Exhibit 2020: Royston Museum Residency

Royston & District Museum & Art Gallery, Lower King Street, Royston, SG8 5AL

Postponed until further notice

A five-day project in Royston & District Museum & Art Gallery offering young people aged 11 – 14 years old the opportunity to take part in dance, music and film workshops led by makeAMPLIFY.  Participants will co-produce an Augmented Reality tour for the museum based on the theme ‘Millennial and GenZ Childhood’ – presenting what it means to them to be growing up between the years 2000-2020.

For more information or to refer a young person to take part email: carrie@beee-creative.co.uk

Exhibit 2020 is running throughout 2020/2021 at: Royston Museum, Watford Museum, Stevenage Museum, North Hertfordshire Museum, St Albans Museum.

Exhibit 2020 is run in partnership with five Hertfordshire Museums, managed by BEEE Creative CIC, with artistic direction from makeAMPLIFY, with thanks to money raised by National Lottery players and awarded to the project by The National Lottery Heritage Fund.