#TAG Improvising Generations: ‘Play’ with Dominique

Following the release of our dance film ‘Play’, this blog series will delve in to the making of it from the perspective of those who created it. We asked each of the Improvising Generations members involved to reflect on their experience of taking part in the project, and to share their insight in to how ‘Play’ came to be.

Introducing Dominique:

Dominique was one of the filmmakers, holding the role of framing the stories, emotions and memories of play shared by participants and bringing them to life for us, the audience, in the final film.

What were the main memories or emotions associated with play that were focused on for the film?

For me the emotion came from seeing the videos and poems that the participants made by themselves.

How would you describe your experience of creating ‘Play’?

It was nice to catch up and see the dancers online, after having already established a relationship with them in person. It gave me an insight into their lives and the space they live in as well as the importance of connection even if it’s online.

What was your reaction to the final film?

Both Claire [Filmmaker of ‘Play’] and I took one part of the edit, and it was really touching to see what Claire had done with the movies provided by the participants themselves. The editing process for me was quite laborious as everyone was in a little square, but I was glad that I came to the ‘rehearsal’ process, as we included a lot of those more improvised movements of the participants, as often with this group, it feels important to capture and portrait the spontaneity of the response to the task.

To watch #TAG Improvising Generations: ‘Play’, follow this link: https://vimeo.com/458942050

‘Play’ was commissioned as part of our #TAG project and created in collaboration with Hertfordshire residents via Zoom. #TAG aims to celebrate Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020, funded and supported by Arts Council England, Dacorum Borough CouncilThree Rivers District Council and Watford Borough Council.

Blog by Hannah Delaney & Dominique, October 2020

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