Mental Health Awareness for Dance Practitioners in Hertfordshire

On Friday 17 July, Karen from Herts Mind Network gave us a ‘Light Bite’ introduction to Mental Health Awareness, considering the impact on an individual and recognising everyone has a role in promoting inclusion and challenging stigma of mental health issues. This webinar for Dance Practitioners in Hertfordshire is part of our #TAG project and looked at how we can create opportunities for individuals through our dance practice to support them to build resilience and wellbeing. The webinar included:

1. Statistics, stigma, impacts on mental health – dance specific affects (positive and negative) on mental health, some mental health conditions and signposting to wider support.  The session left us with the question ‘So how can we harness the good dance can do and avoid the negativity?’

2. Clare Reynolds from Restoke – a not-for-profit arts organisation based in Stoke-on-Trent provided a case study reflecting on their team’s Mental Health Awareness Training and how that has impacted/changed their practice.  It includes an introduction to and video footage of ‘Man Up’ a performance about masculinity and mental health – created with and starring men from Stoke-on-Trent.

If you’re registered to take part in our webinar series for dance practitioners in Hertfordshire and would like to watch this session again, please visit vimeo.com1 & vimeo.com2. If you’re not currently registered, but you’re interested in accessing the webinar, please email to request the password.

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