Creative Case for Diversity Webinar for Dance Practitioners in Hertfordshire

On Friday 3 July, Writing on the Wall presented a business case for equality, diversity and inclusion, exploring internal and external good practice, audience development and participation.  Joined by Danny Tokay Reid, a London-based creative producer, choreographer, dramaturge, and teaching artist with an interest in LGBT+ identities, community, heritage and culture the webinar included:

1. Be prepared to be challenged – A focus on challenging your own practice and being more open to challenge from others.  We explored how we can be enabling through our artistic offer and provide access points to our work.

2. Madeline Heneghan and Danny Reid – Spoke about coming from a point of knowing and having an understanding of our local communities. What is the demographic of our community (know the data) and is our audience reflective of that?

3. Our participants have multiple identities and experiences but whatever the background our work needs to make people feel welcome, equally treated and feeling valued.  What are the adjustments we may need to make to our practice?

If you’re registered to take part in our webinar series for dance practitioners in Hertfordshire and would like to watch this session again, please visit If you’re not currently registered, but you’re interested in accessing the webinar, please email to request the password.

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