An Introduction to Social Prescribing for Dance Practitioners in Hertfordshire

On Monday 29 June, Elaine Johnson from Three Rivers District Council and freelance artist, Anna Schofield, provided an overview of social prescribing – what it is, how it works and examples of work in Hertfordshire. A case study was presented by Bisakha Sarker from Chaturangan Dance Company, which explained their experience of working on a social prescribing project in Merseyside with Creative Alternative. The webinar included:

1. Elaine Johnson from Three Rivers District Council  – The long term plan for NHS England is to build an infrastructure in primary care, where at least 900,000 people will be referred to social prescribing by 2023/24.  Social prescribing is a person centred approach to care, addressing individual needs and different routes to wellbeing.

2. Artists Anna Schofield and Bisakhar Sarker – Examples provided of a collective approach bringing together artists and health care professionals in the planning and delivery of social prescribing sessions.

3. This could be an opportunity for dance sector in Hertfordshire to develop audiences but give back to the community in a meaningful way.  Making dance visible in a much wider ecosystem, working in partnership with social and health sectors.

4. Anna Schofield – Preparing for endings – need joined up sectors for effective signposting.

5. Bisakhar Sarker – introduced the idea of valuing ‘small achievements’.

If you’re registered to take part in our webinar series for dance practitioners in Hertfordshire and would like to watch this session again, please visit If you’re not currently registered, but you’re interested in accessing the webinar, please email to request the password.

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