Museums in Motion Young Leaders Course

What is it?

Museums in Motion: Young Leaders is run by a partnership of Hertfordshire museums, BEEE Creative and makeAMPLIFY, thanks to money raised by National Lottery players and awarded to the project by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


Young Leaders is a series of 6 one-day workshops designed to support young people to explore ‘Creativity of Curating’ and support the development of ideas for their own creative project.


The six-day project for 11 – 18 year olds aims to support budding young creatives in:


  • Developing their understanding of curating and the creative process
  • Collaborating and networking with other young people and professionals
  • Dreaming up and planning their own work designed for professional settings


The project provides participants with a chance to work alongside museum, arts and creative industry professionals, to develop their creative ‘toolkit’ of skills and experience, meet new friends and plan ideas for the future.


We can take 6 young leaders on the programme each year.


Who can take part?

The workshop series is suitable for any young person aged 11 – 18 years old who has already taken part in a Museums in Motion project. It is for young people that are looking for the opportunity to develop their leadership and creative skills and have an enthusiasm and commitment to take part in all 6 workshops.


What is involved and when and where will it take place?

Thursday 15 February 2018, 10am – 4pm at North Herts Museum: Digital museums – including how to develop digital audiences and an augmented reality workshop.

Friday 16 February 2018, 10am – 4pm at Royston Museum: Finding inspiration – looking at how we share and record stories and a music composition/editing workshop.

Tuesday 29 May 2018, 10am – 4pm at British Schools Museum (Hitchin): Leadership skills – exploring presentation skills and how to lead creative tasks.

Wednesday 30 May 2018, 10am – 4pm at Stevenage Museum: Creative Spaces – investigating different ways of curating exhibitions and an interior design workshop.

Thursday 26 July 2018, 10am – 4pm at Watford Museum: Interpreting Heritage – object handling and film editing workshop.

Friday 27 July 2018, 10am – 4pm at St Albans Museum: Sharing Heritage – identifying project management skills and planning future projects.

Each day will include a tour of the museum, a workshop with a member of museum staff and a practical creative session led by makeAMPLIFY and guest creative industry professionals.


How do I get involved?

The Museums in Motion: Young Leaders project is subsidised so is offered free of charge to all participants (the value of the training is £720 per person). We can provided support with transport across the county to get to the various museums.

For more information or to book at place, email:

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