Dancing Together

As we wrap-up another year of dance in Hertfordshire, we asked a member of the InPulse Youth Dance Company to explore her favourite moments and the impact dance has had on her.

Hertfordshire Youth Dance Company, InPulse, has been as amazing experience for me and I’m proud to say I’m a member. From weekly classes, in which we are taught new styles of contemporary dance, experimenting with acro, exploring alternative choreography, improving and further refining technique. I can whole-heartedly say I have improved as a dancer and creator.

Some of the highlights have been imaginative improvisation exercises that unknowingly helped me to extend each move to its full potential and to initialise my whole body, which in turn helped me to fill a stage. InPulse has presented me with amazing opportunities such as meeting famous choreographers and working with them, performing at Plymouth Theatre Royal at the national U.Dance festival and performing for the Queen at Westminster Abbey. Also I am excited for upcoming events, such as the choreography course in February 2017.

My favourite part of InPulse is working with other people with different dance backgrounds, including our amazing coach, who all share a passion dance. I know how to dance before I joined InPulse but InPulse taught me how to perform. As a company, InPulse is so welcoming to new members. This is reflected as we performance because it’s not individuals dancing on a stage to the same music, but a company of friends, dancing together.

Elise Seabrook-France

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