Hertfordshire Schools’ County Dance Festival 2017

The County Dance Teachers’ Association (CDTA) is excited to announce the theme ‘Read all About it’ for the Hertfordshire Schools’ County Dance Festival on 14 & 15 March 2017

We hope that the theme will stimulate many varied responses in the applications from Infant, Primary, Secondary, Colleges and Special Schools.  There is still time to apply for schools to take part – deadline for applications Friday 14 October.

Feeling a bit stuck? You could look at the theme from a narrative, abstract or thematic point of view. Your inspiration could be drawn from news, magazines or other media publications including:

  • News Headlines and related stories
  • Adverts
  • Current Affairs
  • Fashion
  • What’s On
  • Travel


Length of piece

The length of your piece should be 2½ minutes maximum. This limit MUST be adhered to in order to include as many schools as possible.



There should be no more than 16 students in your performance*. Please try to encourage boys to participate.



Your music should be of a high quality and could include:

  • sound effects
  • natural sounds
  • poetry,
  • voice/songsmall
  • ensemble of musicians (live)
  • pre-recorded music (CD).



There will be compulsory attendance for the preview of the festival on Sunday 05 February 2017 – don’t worry, it is expected that dances may be unpolished at this stage – this will take place at:

Beaumont School

Oakwood Drive

St Albans



N.B. Schools taking part will have to cover supply, travel and production (costumes etc.)      
*Please note: We understand that many teachers are working with classes of up to, and sometimes over, thirty pupils and that it is difficult saying ‘no’ to pupils but in order to allow as many schools to participate as possible – and with limited dressing room facilities – we’re afraid we have to put an upper limit on numbers.

For more information email: carrie.washington@hertsmusicservice.org.uk

(Photography: Simon Richardson)

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